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    skin care productsWe want to look better but do not know what we are missing. There are many active ingredients that help improve skin; the question is: what do we use?
    It is clear that with the years the skin changes, i.e. the synthesis of collagen decreases; elasticity, firmness and smoothness are lost. The spots and wrinkles are accentuated and fine lines are more visible. Have a look at this list of substances that have proven to be very efficient and build your own beauty kit.

    Olive oil: is ideal to achieve smooth rough elbows and feet. It is recommended to rub the oil gently into the affected areas of the skin and then rub them with a pumice stone. Then rinse and apply moisturizer. If your skin is sensitive and dehydrated, you can mix olive oil with your usual cream as a mask to hydrate your skin.

    Oat: has anti-inflammatory properties and it regulates skin PH. Oat prevents dehydration of skin. It has a softening, soothing and relaxing action, and absorbs dirt and cellular residue.

    Almond oil: is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins A, B and E. It is used to soften all skin types including dry and scaly skin. It is emollient, softening, moisturizing and helps reduce inflammation. It also provides shine and softness to hair and nail hardness.

    Argan oil: is anti-age, regenerative, antiseptic and fungicide. It is used on sunburns. It is a moisturizer and adds glow to the skin. It stimulates oxygenation and provides elasticity. Argan oil restructures and strengthens nails and hair.

    Rosehip oil: has a high nutritional content, and cell regeneration corrective virtues. It rejuvenates skin, reduces wrinkles, expression lines and photo-aging. It is a natural generator of collagen.

    Aloe Vera: has various minerals; calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and copper. It is emollient, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It is moisturizing and has vegetal hormones that stimulate cell growth. It is regenerative, healing and toning. It is used in preventing wrinkles.

    Caffeine: activates lipolysis, which is the scientific term for which fat removal is known. It is used in body creams and reduces eyelid bags.

    Centella: is used as a supplement to different treatments. It has epithelial regenerating and anti-cellulite properties. It increases collagen formation and stimulates the removal of excess liquid retained in your body.

    Fucus: contains components that stimulate circulation and eliminate fat; and antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and firming substances.

    Ginseng: contains polysaccharides, vitamins D and B, proteins, amino acids and trace elements such as Cu, Al, Mn, Fe. It is an excellent antioxidant with anti-aging effects and reduces dryness and wrinkling of skin.
    Common ivy: invigorates and encourages the drainage of fluids and edema. The saponins it contains help fight cellulite.

    Jojoba: exerts a profound hydration and restructuring of the fatty balance. Its composition is vitamin E, an effective antioxidant. The linoleic acid Jojoba contains acts as regenerator.

    Shea Butter: is used in dry and dehydrated skin, as well as in sensitive skin. It is a product that should be considered as an extract. It is emollient, i.e. softening, repairing and anti-crack. It restores elasticity to dry skin.

    Chamomile: among its many components contains vitamin C, mucilage, pigments and sugars. It combats irritations and even small wrinkles because it is responsible for activating cell regeneration. To prevent acne and inflammation, use chamomile tea to wash your face. Shampoos containing chamomile lighten and give great shine to your hair. It combats scalp itching and flaking.

    Cucumber: is used in external application to give freshness and softness to dry skin and also in skin rashes and inflammations

    Bananas: are rich in vitamins A, B, E, and F, and in minerals; they contain magnesium, potassium and zinc, and, in addition, tryptophan, which is a natural sedative. It is moisturizing and emollient.

    Ruscus: is used on cellulite treatment and in aftershave lotions or after sun.

    Soybeans: contains minerals and vitamin E that give the skin antioxidant properties. It renews tissues and stimulates cell regeneration. It is a good asset for mature skins; it moisturizes them, provides firmness and softness.

    Green Tea: has high level of vitamin A, B2, C and E. It is an ideal antioxidant for anti-aging and renovation treatments.

    Grape: is antioxidant, prevents the formation of free radicals and oxidation of the skin. It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It has vitamin B1 and B2, which help in the nutrition of cells.

    Witch-hazel: is an astringent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, decongestant, hemostatic, sanitizing, rejuvenating tonic; and vasoconstrictor. It is used as tonic and to combat facial acne.