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    Former US President Bill Clinton suffers from rosacea

    skin healthFor rosacea is known to a chronic disease that most often affects people with fair-skin or skin biotype 1. Characterized by increased blood capillaries in the face, which is usually given in the form of butterfly wings, is also common to see it in neck and chest.
    While it is most commonly seen among women, today, this disease does not distinguish sex and occurs between the ages of 20 and 65 and usually is genetic. Usually limited to the face starting with butterfly wings shape, i.e., nose and cheeks, but can be extended to the rest of the face, neck and chest.
    There are four grades: acne vulgaris, erythematous, pustular to cases where the nose acquires a characteristic shape we call rhinophyma, the maximum extent of this disease.
    The weather changes characteristic of the season (heating, cold, shower) cause vasodilation of these capillaries that already are dilated. All these sudden changes cause increased redness, itching, burning and local heat. Although rosacea is superficial, its cause is much deeper. And it is closely related to stress and anxiety.
    Stress affects a lot. Many hormones are released in stressful situations that are anything but beneficial in terms of this disease because they produce greater vasodilation, fluid retention, immunosuppression, and this favours the appearance of rosacea complicated with acne.
    What is convenient in such cases it is to use soft creams, if possible gels or cream gels decongestant rich in substances such as chamomile, linden or passionflower. Then we enter medical creams with very specific medicines and in many cases with antibiotics.
    Men: usually have very strong formula products for proper shave. The issue is patient education when shaving, since the fact of doing so in against the grain is faster but more harmful for sensitive skin. Ideally, shaving foam are placed and let a few seconds to act, then should use shavers downward, i.e., not against the grain and finally use an aftershave without alcohol, not to change the pH of the skin.