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    white skinsPeople who have fair skin, must take special care and caution, especially with sun exposure. It is also true that white skin often lacks of oil, which makes it particularly delicate and fragile to external agents.

    Before taking any precautions or care, it is necessary to know the main problems that faces white skin:

    1. Wrinkles appear frequently in the most vulnerable areas of the skin, such as the eye area.

    2. Flaccidity tendency, especially in the area of the jaw.

    3. Appearance of white spots caused by the lack of exfoliation and oils accumulation in the pores.

    Tips for keeping a radiant skin, which will help you maintain a healthy and undamaged skin.

    – Use daily moisturizer with SPF 15, minimum. If you can purchase a cream that includes protection, and at the same time, always carry with you sun protection SPF 50, to be applied along the day.

    – Avoid at all costs uncontrolled exposure leading to burns and other injuries that are serious for white skin.

    – Include in your diet foods rich in vitamin C (strawberries, kiwis, and citrus) and protein (eggs, milk and meat). Such foods help to maintain proper collagen, an essential element in the skin.

    Do not forget that the skin has memory, and continued bad habits, with the passage of time, end messing around on your dermis which may not look so now, but as you age, they will become visible.