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    How to combat the decline of hormones and be wonderful despite the passage of time

    skin tipsEven though the arrival of the fourth decade provokes a crisis in most women, there are good ways to keep skin young and fresh for a long time more.
    When we got to midlife, a decline of hormones occurs, to almost half of the estrogen and progesterone that we had at the age of 20.
    These hormones are important because, among other functions, they help maintaining muscle tone and they act on the epidermis.
    In women, when estrogen decreasing progresses, the skin becomes dehydrated and much thinner, resulting in the formation of fine wrinkles. As the years go by and with the entry into menopause, fewer collagen is synthesized in the dermis, deep wrinkles appear and flaccidity adds.
    Up here, the bad news. The good news is that today there are technologies applied to skin health that minimize the damage caused by the passage of time. Bearing in mind that healthy habits always work with any advances that medicine made.
    Here, a series of tips for a beautiful and healthy face once in the midlife.
    1 – It is essential the daily use of anti-aging creams, which decrease the signs of photoaging. They must be creams that fight free radicals that cause premature aging.
    2 – It is good to renew the skin to have peels done. Usually done with a diamond point and various acids used by a professional.
    3 – Always use sunscreen SPF 50 on face, hands, chest and neck. Both winter and summer.
    4 – Fillers with hyaluronic acid help rebuild the loss of volumes as well as to fill the grooves and depressions of the skin. There is a variety, from the lighter used to correct superficial wrinkles or furrows, to higher viscosity fillers applied to replace the volume lost over the years.
    5 – Botulinum toxin type A is an ideal aging treatment. It eliminates expression lines. Talking with your specialist doctor, you can evaluate when is the right time to begin to apply it.
    6 – Facial radiofrequency, usually called “Lifting without surgery” is also effective to bolster the flaccity areas.
    7 – Undoubtedly it is necessary to maintain a proper diet. To help the skin it is good to notice that the supplements with amino acids, vitamins and trace elements (such as zinc or copper) are effective.
    8 – Also, in consultation with your doctor, you can chat with him about the possibility of mesotherapy treatments with topical medications.
    9 – There is a treatment to remove aging spots and dark circles when pigmented. It is called photo rejuvenation with pulsed light and laser, which undoes the pigment and the body itself is responsible for removing it. The pigment may arise from the accumulation of melanin under the eyes. It is also used to remove spider veins or telangiectasias.
    10 – Other treatments are the “full face” with nourishing facial masks. First a good skin cleansing product and then products with active ingredients suitable for every need are placed.