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    dry skinPomegranate seed oil is filled with tocopherols and phytosterols. Having said that this oil, which also functions being an emollient, is uniquely enriched with equally punicic acid and ellagic acid.
    Collectively, these things enable boost the production of collagen. This efficiently gains the pores and skin renewal approach by enhancing elasticity, also as supporting and restoring the outer layer within your pores and skin. This is why, pomegranate seed oil is thoroughly utilized in cosmetics goods which include, anti-ageing serums and moisturizing creams that assist rejuvenate dry pores and skin.

    Breaking Down How Punicic Acid Added benefits The skin
    Punicic acid is mixture of essential fatty acids that happen to be recognized to provide a number of advantages towards your pores and skin. For starters, it’s exceedingly very good at repelling the destructive consequences of absolutely free radicalization, as an example, ageing and tissue destruction on your pores and skin.
    When used as a result of pomegranate seed oil, punicic acid allows to promote and stimulate the production of particular forms of skins cells, referred to as keratinocyte.
    Keratinocyte, which is related with strengthening the skin, aids during the regeneration system and helps prevent premature getting older. Punicic acid also slows down irritation, one with the main good reasons driving collagen degradation in getting older pores and skin.

    Ellagic Acid – A strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
    Ellagic Acid has long been credited with giving quite a few added benefits towards the pores and skin. This includes preserving it from cellular destruction triggered by ultraviolet rays and chemical publicity. Additional notably though, many experiments into ellagic acid’s therapeutic outcomes demonstrates that along with tannic acid (one more part of pomegranate), it:
    • Reduces the breakdown of elastin – which helps prevent sagging;
    • Boosts the creation of the elastic fibre, which can help type the connective tissue that retains your skin collectively.

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