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    how to lose fat and cellulite from thighsThe annoying cellulite is to a great extent generated by our genes, age and hormones. Poor circulation can lead to fat deposits that are trapped in the connective tissue, leading to the formation of the typical dimples. A good circulation in the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems will keep the fluid levels balanced, while the body toxins are eliminated, and thus, manage to keep our thighs with a softer look.

    Sunflower seeds

    Sunflower seeds are full of vitamin E, potassium, zinc, selenium and B6 vitamin which help metabolize proteins and strengthen and repair connective tissue. As a natural diuretic, B6 vitamin also helps removing fluid excess and swelling that can make cellulite more visible. We recommend adding a spoon of sunflower seeds on salads, eaten with breakfast cereal, or as a snack.

    The sweet red pepper and cayenne pepper

    Capsaicin, the main ingredient in cayenne pepper and sweet red pepper, can aid in weight loss as its thermogenic effect increases the speed with which the body burns energy. Several researches show that a meal with an extra spicy, can help metabolism to raise its temperature and burn more calories. Eating spicy foods also gives a feeling of satiety, leading to consume less food in general.

    Ginger root

    Used for centuries, ginger acts as a natural detoxifier and can suppress appetite and boost your metabolism. It also collaborates with digestion and improves circulation, which can help the body getting rid of cellulite. It is best to add a cup of ginger tea to the daily diet, either in the form of a tea bag or dipping slices of fresh ginger root in hot water to obtain greater profits.

    Pineapple and papaya

    These fruits offer two strong digestive enzymes, bromelain and papain respectively, which break down protein and stimulate collagen production to prevent further formation of cellulite. Massaging the papaya pulp against the surface of your skin with a circular motion can improve circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. But do not be so explicit, to include in your diet half cup of these fruits, with a tablespoon of plain yogurt and some sunflower seeds will be sufficient. Try it!

    The cinnamon

    This seasoning is full of antioxidants and it has been proved that it serves to increase circulation and helps eliminate toxins and reduce the formation of the awful dimples on the skin. Just by adding half a teaspoon to your meals you will get results. It is recommended sprinkle cinnamon on oatmeal, cereals, whole-grain toast or tea or coffee; and soon the benefits will show.