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    exercises to get rid of celluliteCellulite is one of the most common endocrine-metabolic disorders in the aesthetic field. Its scientific name is edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy. And it is a condition that involves the subcutaneous tissue, including fat cells, and blood, venous and lymphatic microcirculation.

    The origin is multifactorial, including genetic, racial and constitutional factors, in which exert actions hormonal and neurovegetative factors, and osteoarticular and circulatory changes.

    Cellulite is increased by eating disorders, substance abuse, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, medications, pregnancy, and tight clothing. Treatment is indicated according to the clinical type and developmental stage.

    There are different types of cellulite and each will have a corresponding treatment, which always comprises multiple actions to be taken by the patient, the specialist and the specialist-auxiliary such as beauticians or physiotherapists. The types are the following:

    1-hard or compact cellulite
    2-edematous cellulite
    3-soft cellulite
    4-mix cellulite

    The most effective treatment for each patient should be established taking into account the data obtained from a proper questioning and physical examination, which will more accurately assess the underlying and risk factors. This should be done by the medical specialist (dermatologist or plastic surgeon), who then will outline a treatment strategy that will always be interdisciplinary managed.

    It is worth highlighting that there is no single treatment applicable to all patients, but a set of therapeutic resources that should be chosen according to the requirements of each particular case.
    Among the treatments to apply we can find the followings:
    * Hygiene and dietary measures
    * Lymphatic drainage
    * Pressotherapy
    * Thermotherapy
    * Electrotherapy
    * Mesotherapy
    * Radiofrequency
    * Iontophoresis
    * Electrotherapy
    * Ultrasound

    Understanding this pathology as a multi-causal disorder, your treatment should be a treatment within protocol covering various areas such as physiotherapy, postural correction, lymphatic drainage, phlebology, dermatology, surgery, endocrinology, etc. This way, we will be able to choose the various solutions that enable us to offer good one-on-one therapeutic results.