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    body treatments for celluliteFrench origin, the word “cellulite” refers to deposits of fat located under the skin which give it an appearance of ‘orange peel’ mainly in the area of the buttocks, thighs and forearm.
    And the question arises, inevitably: what causes it? The answer is simple: the accumulation of fat and fluid in the tissues. Over time, the reduced fluid exchange between the internal tissues leads to accumulation of fat deposits and adipocytes multiply acquiring a larger size. Among other important factors, this causes the well-known “orange peel skin”. Tissues lose their elasticity and tone, damaging the appearance of skin which looks less firm.
    Its appearance is linked to the reduction in intercellular exchange and fluid retention. When skin cells lose vitality, the skin loses its shape, it loses moisture and becomes less firm.
    Cellulite is the result of enlarged female hypodermic nodules that give the skin the appearance of ‘dimpled’. The visible aspect arises from the opposition of two forces, the vertical connective tissue pulling the skin down and fluid retention cells and enlarged fat cells that push up against the skin.

    Diet and gym … is enough?

    Cellulite is a complex problem. While a diet low in sodium, saturated fat, and sugar, as well as drinking two litres of water per day and making exercise improve the general condition of the body and affect the deeper adiposity, cellulite is a skin condition that occurs in the skin layers and tissues.
    For visible and lasting results, it is recommended applying creams that improve the appearance of skin with cellulite as well as massages, lymphatic drainage and endermologie, helping to stimulate microcirculation and moisturize the skin.

    To do at home

    Every morning when you shower, the ideal is to perform a massage in the affected areas with an exfoliating sponge in circular and smooth movements that do not irritate the skin. In addition, you can make an exfoliation on your legs twice a week, allowing better penetration of creams and improving the appearance of your skin.
    According to experts, the most beneficial exercises are walking and swimming. So why not try to give a little time for yourself and make a daily walk of 30 to 60 minutes? Definitely this is going to help burning fat, to stimulate circulation and toning your thighs, calves and buttocks. Localized exercises for the gluteus, abs and legs also will collaborate on the body tone and marking muscles, while in themselves they do not act on cellulite.
    As for what you eat, it is also essential. The ideal is to drink plenty of water and increase consumption of raw vegetables and fruits. If possible, the less salt and sugar you have, the better. When planning a menu, try to avoid saturated fats and meats and, if possible, say no to coffee, alcohol and soft drinks.