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    proven ways to reduce cellulite
    There are no magic solutions for cellulite, but there are some habits that help in the fight against it. Another fact that raises one’s spirit: you are not alone in this, 85% of women suffer from it.

    The key to fight cellulite:

    1) Keep a balanced diet, with high percentage of fibers and lots and lots of water. To be careful with your meals is essential not only to lose weight or maintain weight, but for skin care.

    2) If you have not yet, quit smoking. It is the worst thing – no need to list the number of negative effects, right? Also limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages which obstruct proper clearance.

    3) Make physical activity, chose the one you like, but move! Jogging will not increase cellulite, or have you ever seen a marathon runner with cellulite? – Who could have made up this myth?.

    4) Rub creams on the area you want to improve. The most efficient assets are caffeine, centella, fucus, common ivy, ginkgo and ruscus. Thus, you are going to give more tone, softness and elasticity to your skin.